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It’s easy to take nature for granted when we can’t truly see its beauty. Because certain elements are so small, we often miss the magic and splendor of the world in its purest form. Robert Art Photography shows us the most minuscule yet significant aspects of plants and animals through stunning photography in Concord, VA.

Our esteemed macro shots, landscapes, and architectural photos have received high praise. If you love action, our airshow shots of the Blue Angels put you next to the cockpit while they fly the skies. We invite you to find the photos that speak to you. As our collection of commissioned photography grows, so will your appreciation of the world.

Courthouse, Photograph Printing, Concord, VA

Appomattox 1865 Foundation, August 24, 2016
Best in Show from a night shot of the courthouse in Appomattox National Historical Park

Capturing the World Around Us

Robert Art has made capturing this beauty our passion and strives to deliver the artistic views of nature to everyone. Specializing in macro photography, we take detailed close-ups of plants and animals for a rarely viewed perspective. An intricately built spider web or a butterfly on a leaf shows details that create artwork rivaling even the greatest of painters and sculptors.

When you are looking for a gift or keepsake, we have you covered. Through professional sublimation, we can transfer our vibrant photographs to a variety of products. We offer everything from bookmarks and mugs to clothing and metal prints. You’ll have something to share and cherish for years.

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About the Artist

Patience is the key to achieving the perfect photo. Though it may take over 400 shots for 3 perfect stills, the result is worth it. Robert Moeller has learned that well. From the moment he received his first camera for Christmas as a kid, he’s been practicing. Now he uses a DSLR camera to capture the wonder of the world. He also shares his craft through the art of sublimation printing. Viewers become attached to the subjects in every shot.

Green Butterfly, Photograph Printing, Concord, VA Frog On Lily, Photograph Printing, Concord, VA


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