About Our Photography Company in Concord, VA

At Robert Art Photography, everything we do centers on finding the beauty in both expected and unusual places. Whether it’s a natural landscape or a historic monument, we see art when we pause and examine the many spaces we pass through every day. As a celebrated photography company in Concord, VA, we have wide-ranging experience capturing some of the most incredible parts of our community--something we want to do for you, too. 

Putting our eye for detail to work on projects of all kinds, we help our clients discover the history and emotion behind every moment spent in the spaces we explore. Commemorating the beauty we find on everything from mugs to traditional metal prints, we share our love for the world around us while preserving memories that can last lifetimes.

Macro Photography Specialists

Our talented photographer focuses on macro photography, the art of using close-ups and unusual perspectives to capture images that showcase the hidden wonders of plants, animals, and more. Our work helps others appreciate the small things that inspire wonderful infinities in the imagination, if one takes the time to understand how much beauty we’re surrounded by every day.

Bringing Landscapes to Life

The images in photographs don’t move, but they do capture motion. In a single shot, we strive to illuminate all the potential of an area through carefully considered techniques that set our work apart. With our landscape photography, you can find a whole to way to think about the places you go and the possibilities you might otherwise pass by.

That’s what our business is really all about: using our skills to present the art that already exists in the scenes and situations we have the privilege of photographing. Whether we’re working on commission or taking shots for our many products, we want to bring out the best in our subjects. From insects to military aircraft, there’s living beauty to see in every image--it just needs the right person to capture it. 

See our results for yourself by letting us photograph something for you. We’re willing to travel for your project and give you all the rights to use our images as you please when you commission us. This way, you can share the same love that drives us to do what we do.

Contact us to get exceptional photographs from a one-of-kind artist. We proudly serve Concord, VA, and the surrounding areas.