Commissioned Photography in Concord, VA, That Immortalizes the Moment

At Robert Art Photography, we believe the extraordinary moments of our lives should be captured. To that end, we offer commissioned photography in Concord, VA, that captures those moments in innovative and unexpected ways. Let our studio help you view scenes and Nature through a new lens. We will collaborate with you to capture photographs that spark the imagination and reveal the inherent beauty of places, landmarks, flora, and fauna. 

Our photography studio specializes in the practice of macrophotography, which utilizes close-ups and perspective to capture the wondrous details of plants, animals, and more. Through this practice, we reveal beautiful and interesting things found in even the tiniest of objects. Our photographs capture the imagination and reveal it for all to see. 

In addition to macrophotography, we also take photographs of landscapes. From urban settings to the wilderness, we carefully frame each shot so that it develops into a work of art. The photographs and prints we produce will make welcome additions to your study, office, or home. They also make great gifts to friends and family.

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Your Vision, Captured on Film

Now is your chance to capture unique and distinct scenes that you may behold and treasure for years. We offer photography services on a commission basis. If there are subjects or features you would like captured in stills, we would love to make your vision a reality.

Commissioned photography is your chance to obtain distinct works of art. By commissioning our studio, you can have confidence in knowing you will receive unique and original pieces. We will work with you to work out the details of your project, and we will make the necessary travel and preparations to complete your shoot. After our work is completed, you will have the rights to print and use the images as you please. We will not print your commissioned work for our use or release it to others.

Astounding Sublimations Make Great Gifts

Our studio also produces unique keepsakes thanks to sublimation printing. Sublimation prints provide high-quality, high-resolution images that can be applied to a variety of materials, including fabric, metal, slates, and ceramics. It is a versatile printing process that can create unique gifts and conversation pieces. 

We believe that photography should be shared and enjoyed in any way possible. Through sublimation, we put our photographs on coasters, mugs, pen holders, shirts, and much more. We sell our sublimation prints at fairs and art shows around the Concord area.

Stills and glazed photos are also available as sublimation prints. The prices for these pieces vary, according to the medium on which they are printed. Bookmarks, for example, might be priced at $3.50, and more complex products can cost as much as $200.00. Most of our offerings are $5.00 to $35.00.

Contact us to request a commission from our photography studio. We are located in Concord, VA.

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